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Rawking out while Out… and Pizza!

As we entered our second week of our month long quest to Rawk it, we encountered our first real hurdle, our 6 anniversary.  Like most people we wanted to do something special to celebrate and that involved going out for dinner.   When you are raw this presents a bit of a challenge.  Luckily Cancun where we live has a restaurant called Vegan Planet.  ( We called ahead and asked our good friend Chef Miguel Bautista if he could do something special for us.  My expectations were not set real high thinking that our choices were limited, but Miguel knocked us out!

 Round 1, Raw Tapas:

Black olive and sun dry tomato tapenade,

Raw lentil hummus with marinade cucumber,

Spicy sprouted raw almonds, and tomato capresse.

Round 2, Main Course

RoRaw curry,

Sprouted garbanzo, cauliflower,broccoli coconut and turmeric milk.

Round 3, Dessert:

Raw banana crepe,

Strawberries, mango, apples, and raw whipped cream.

Having successfully stayed the raw course and dazzling our taste buds the next day I decided to mount up the courage and go for the gusto. Chicago Deep Dish Raw Vegan Pizza.  I know as many of you read this each of the words seem to be the antithesis of each other!

I thought the same and then my 3 day journey began and as if straight from Harry Potters wand…. PIZZA!  It actually tasted as good or better than the real thing!   It was absolutely mouth watering delicious.  Worth all the mixing, marinating, blending refrigerating and dehydrating. This was my Mona Lisa, my Great Wall if you will!  (Recipe

As we ended the second week our confidence was running on a gourmet high.  We had mastered several mouth-watering meals, snacks and desserts.  But as they say what goes up must come down!

Enter the great deflator,

the Mexican Raw Vegan Burrito!   We thought with Mexican Independence Day coming up and having a guest from Texas at our house for lunch, this would be the perfect meal to cap the week.  Boy were we off!   We prepped, sautéed, chopped, blended and processed for a whole Saturday morning. Unfortunately to our dismay the taste came up bland.  Luckily Lucia took the “Sunflower seed bean filling” and added some sundried tomatoes to make it into an enjoyable pate the next day.  Raw leftovers!

As we approached “50 yard line” of our Raw Month, we looked back and decided that while the food we had made was delicious we have be trying to copy the food that we eat in our regular diet. While the food might be technically healthy it has not been leaving us full of energy.

Much of the replacement ingredients for cheese and meats is made by nuts and seeds and often begins to feel heavy.  We made a decision, for next week we would take it back to basics we would try and keep it too big salads, soups and fresh fruit and see how we feel.

Stay tuned to see how we did that and getting back to our exercise programs.

See you next blog,

Rawk on,



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