Simple Fun and Easy Raw Food!

The Raw Feast!

Week 4 the final frontier. To boldly go where we have not gone… Dinner guests!

Even though for the last 3 weeks we have chopped, sliced, mixed, blended and dehydrated to our hearts content we were a little nervous. None of our guests were “Plant Basers” and what both Lucia found is that our taste buds had changed. our craving for sugar, salt, cream and other former crutches has drastically been reduced. Would our friends find our food tasty?

Up until now Lucia and I has stuck to rawking it solo. Sure we had offered curious friends a dessert or snack but this time was different, we were going to have to dial it up a notch. We were about to embark on our first Raw feast, a small dinner party of 6, 3 couples to end out our month rawking out in style!

We decided on a “simple” 4 course meal. First Thai Curry Coconut Soup, then both Ceasar salad and Fava bean salad soaked with olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Next would come Raw Vegan Chicago Deep Dish pizza and finally our now famous chocolate mouse with fresh fruit and cashew whipped cream.

Getting the dinner ready was surprising easy. Much of what we were making was already prepared and being saved in our fridge. The pizza took some planning and the desserts were made just as we were about to eat them.

Round 1 went off perfect the Thai Curry Soup was an instant success! We scored perfect 10’s. We followed that up with our salads and scored a high 9. Lucia and I were riding a Iron chef high…. until the pizza. Something had gone drastically wrong! It was nothing like the first time I made it and was morphing into a pizza soup on my plate! Scott and Jen claimed politely they liked it but we received a more somber critique from John our resident realist . John was right and I emptied my plate quickly….. in the trash!

It was all down to dessert. It was imparative to send our guests home with a winning impression. We strategically inserted a pause in our feast in a hope to wipe away the bad taste of the pizza! Lucky for us the first two courses were so filling that the pizza fiasco was not such a big deal. The break in dinner allowed me to spend a little extra time on our finale.

First, we maticulously arranged all the fruit into art. If it wasnt going to to taste good it would at least look good! Next the chocolate mouse was then laid on top with cashew whipped cream ever so nicely and dusted with cinnamon just like they do in the fine restaurants.

Lucia and I served the food and while I wish I could say that we waited, we dug right in because it looked so good! As the first bite touched my taste buds a smile crept over my face. We nailed it! It was the best version we had created to date. I sat back and basked confidently as we accepted praises around the table, accept for one, John. Like a contestant on X Factor waiting for Simon, we watched as he took his sweet time to announce his score. A high 8! This would eventually become a strong 9 by the time John finished his plate.

As we said goodbye to our guests Lucia revelled in our great evening. It was indeed possible to make great food for “normal” people while still being completely raw vegan and healthy. The Raw feast was a great way to end our month and rawk out in style!

Keep on Rawkin it!


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