Simple Fun and Easy Raw Food!

Salads Baby Salads!

“You don’t win friends with Salad”

– Homer J. Simpson circa 1995


 After 2 weeks of trying to create the Raw Vegan forms of our favorite foods, Lucia and I tired of all blending, food processing, mixing, and dehydrating.   We were taking it back to basics.  Salads baby, Salads Baby! Despite what the immortal Homer J declared in that memorable conga line, we were determined to prove him wrong!

The idea was simple, we would prepare giant salads for our big meal of the day. In Cancun Mexico where we live, the family meal is usually between 2pm and 4pm. We would flank our salads with Smoothies for breakfast and Super Soups for dinners, so basically liquid salads!    We were hoping to increase our energy, which quite frankly was being dragged after we ate all our Raw Regan Gourmet goodies.

The results were great!  Not only were we full after our Mega Salads that tastes were spectacular.


1.  The Edible Hulk!

I have never been one for long breakfasts, especially when I am out the door by 7 am.  So for breakfast we stuck to a smoothie that Lucia and I have spent the last 5 years perfecting. The Edible Hulk consists of 1 grapefruit, 1 cucumber, 1 avocado, 4 spinach leaves, 2 stalks of celery; 6 tablespoons of flex seeds (keeps the pipes running smooth!) ,a pinch of raw green stevia plant, a small piece of ginger and 2 cups of water.  This green bad boy is gamma radiation to fuel the start of your day!

Easy:   10

Taste:  10

Health:  12 +

Cleanup: 10



2.   Hail Healthy Caesar!

While we did use a little time in the food processor for this delicious salad dressing, it was less than a few minutes so I won’t count it.  So easy tasty and incredible!  Lucia even found a way to make raw vegan Parmesan cheese that lasts for days! (Salad dressing and parmesan recipes from Miguel Bautista

Easy:   10

Taste:  10

Health:  10

Cleanup: 10




3. The Kitchen Sink Ranch Salad!

As the name implies this salad had a little of everything that I found in my fridge, from grapes and sundried tomatoes to leftover dehydrated falafels.  We made enough salad dressing to store for a few days so that when we were hungry we could use the dressing for snacks and other salads. (Recipe from Joanne Gero

Easy:   10

Taste:  10

Health:  10

Cleanup: 10






Cauliflower popcorn:

This is sort of misleading as I am sure it would have come out pretty tasty except I forgot to take it out of the dehydrator and my popcorn turned back to pop seeds!  I will be attempting this again for a lot less time in the dehydrator! (Recipe at

Easy:   10

Taste:  5

Health:  10

Cleanup: 10

As we entered or final week of our 30 days of Rawness, we have found simplifying has been both liberating and energizing. Next week we putting Homers words  to the test on as my self professed “Only meat eating, vegetable hating,  junk food loving  friend attends for lunch and tries out our Raw Vegan food!

Until then,

Rawk on!


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  1. Another great post, man. You describe the food so well I’m almost tempted, especially given the effect on your body.

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