Simple Fun and Easy Raw Food!

Rawking out for a Month!

Last week my wife Lucia made a decision.  WE were  going on a 30 Day Raw Food Challenge.  Now I have to tell you, having done a few shorter challenges personally and having previously owned vegetarian restaurant, I was fully aware what this would  entail.

You see, at the restaurant we used to do 10-day challenges where people would pay for their meals in advance. We would prepare them, or shall I say the kitchen staff of which neither Lucia nor myself had anything to do with prepared them, and they would then pick them up. Easy.

For those who are wondering what exactly does it mean by raw food, here goes….

Raw foodism is based on the belief that the most healthful food for the body is uncooked.  Although most food is eaten raw, heating food is acceptable as long as the temperature stays below 104 to 118 degrees Fahrenheit.  In other words fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, natural oils, or as my friends commonly refer to, Rabbit food!

I have always loved eating fresh fruits and veggies. Growing up north of Toronto near the Holland Marsh, I used to look forward to summers full of Water melon, Peaches, Corn on the Cob and many other local farm grown delicacies.    We would buy them, clean them and eat them.  That simple.  Unfortunately this is not what our Raw Food challenge means.

The Raw food Challenge Lucia was referring to meant preparing all sorts of new meals using every kitchen appliance ever invented  all being used at the same time. All that prep and cleanup that goes into preparing food could rival that of  a Cross Fit training session!  My answer to this was simple…. NO WAY!


There was a way to do it.  It would have to be simple easy fast and Muy Rico!

After much discussion I caved in like an old Vegas hotel! But this time around I cut a deal.  After much thought, I decided it could actually be fun to find simple easy tasty meals we could make and still have the energy to enjoy them.  So what entails will be a review of the meals we prepare scoring them on how simple and tasteful they are.

So here’s to Rawking out for a month!

Comments on: "Rawking out for a Month!" (3)

  1. Good blog my man! It would spell trouble in my marriage if my wife decided WE would take a 30-day raw food challenge. You’re a better man than I 🙂

  2. Very interesting. I want more.

  3. That does sound like an adventure, although not one I could handle. You would have to put me in the Garden of Eden first, and then I might eat an apple on purpose just to resume my killer diet.

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